Russian consultant: developing of electronic warfare systems in Syria

تم النشر في: 2018-10-16 19:59:55

The consultant of the Russia's electronic technology company said that a new systems to enhance electronic jamming have recently arrived to Syria. Vladimir Mikheev explained that the new systems are capable of canceling communications on very short wavelengths, which will prevent the enemy from the ability of controlling their aggressive tactics whether in the air, sea and land

He also referred that working on securing air defense system in Syria is under process which will be similar to the system that protected the «Soviet Union» for decades, which considered one of the bests in the world. The new systems include radar and anti-aircraft missiles near and far-reaching, also the ways to protect these missiles

which also able to track hostile aircrafts from the moment of its taking off on the runway, so the system will be ready to repulse any attack electronically when it's become necessary. The new systems can also shut down the reconnaissance planes which trying to spy on Syria, and disable what it may have holds of weapons, especially guided bombs and smart missiles, according to news agency "Sputnik" Russian news. The system includes radar detectors that monitor any flying altitude, anti-aircraft missiles close and far-reaching, and the ways to protect these missiles as well

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