Syrian Army liberated Al-Sweida Hostages

تم النشر في: 2018-10-20 14:11:31

Special Forces in Syrian Army in countryside of Al-Sweida freed some kidnapping. The hostages were kidnapped from Al-Shbiky village from ISIS on the going operations in the east of the governorate countryside

Governor of Al-Sweida "Amer Al-Eshi" received the hostages on Saturday in the governorate building 20/10/2018. He stressed that the siege the Syrian Army forced on ISIS was the main reason to liberate 6 hostages: 2 women and 4 children in an accurate operation from 29 hostages. He said to "Sana" we will liberate the rest of the hostages as soon as possible

The most we can talk about that ISIS kidnapped at 25th of July 29 women and children from Al-Shbiky village in eastern countryside of Al-Sweida, during a vast attack on the governorate to kill 250 civilian and 180 injury

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