AlZabdani municipality: returning of 4500 family and Reconstructing of 600 apartments

تم النشر في: 2018-11-16 19:22:50

Head of Alzabdani municipality Basel Dalati that Population density increased during the last time, where families number has exceeded 4500 family, while the amount of prepared apartments is 600 apartment all has been handed to the Beneficiaries, and the work is in progress to Rehabilitee 200 mew flat which will be Execute by some of international Organization in cooperation with Ministry of Local Administration and environment and the governorate of Damascus countryside.

according to the official page of Ministry of Local Administration on Facebook, Dalati referred that it has been done form maintenance and the qualification of all Drinking water wells, water reservoirs, and Water networks, while work is in progress to implement the household connections that provide citizens' apartments with water, also an electricity conversion centers (200 KVA) installed, except he stressed that increasing the number of residents in the city requires replacement of these centers with ones with more power which its range between 400 and 600 KV, referring to the approval of the governorate for the replacement procedures, while the installation of the low current network work is in progress, pointing that the cost of all electricity projects exceeded 1.22 billion Syrian Pound.

He referred also that two months ago the maintenance of asphalt for all the streets in the city was completed and about 50 percent of the contract was completed by the General Company for Roads and Bridges over 180 days which costing 50 million Syrian Pound.
He declared that the entrance of the Al Zabadani village was completed by Baqin side, passing through Al-Huda Mosque square, to Al-Mahatta Square, towards the town of Ein Hour and Sergaia.