The Syrian swimmer Bayan Jumaa Shines again and earns Golden Medal!

تم النشر في: 2018-11-19 13:02:14

During Syrian War, Syrian starred in several fields, the prominent was Sport, where they won a significant number of Golden and Silver medals, also the individual and collective awards. The most recent was the French swimming championship which won by the Syrian swimmer Bayan Jumaa for the 50m freestyle.

Jumaa confirmed during a call with HashtagSyria from her residential place that she’s felling so proud for the her achievement in the name of Syria which qualified her to participate in Worlds championship in China, adding that after she got sport granting from International Olympic Committee to France she entered an intensive training camp during the last two months which made the exercises a high degree of stress and friction according to international standards which helped her to win the gold Medal.

Speaking of Syrian Sport federation role in this achievement, Jumaa confirmed that the Sport federation has offered a lot but the lack of possibilities can’t reach the international either ain’t make heros, where most of the excercises that taking place in Syria are between males because the lack of real competition between Females.

it’s a noteworthy that the 24 years old Girl Bayan Jumaa is from Aleppo governorate, while she’s studying political science also she’s specializing in nutrition at Medical school in France.