Aleppo: Toxic shells targeting civilans .. A military team check out the targeted location

تم النشر في: 2018-11-25 17:24:14

Director of Aleppo Health Ziyad Hajj Taha confirmed to HashtagSyria that there is an increase in number of casualties due to toxic gas in Aleppo city have reached 19 suffocation cases in AlRazi Hospital and 28 in University Hospital.

Hajj Taha added that military experts began to take samples from the targeted location to check out the gas type which used in targeting Aleppo.

Head of Forensic Medicine in Aleppo Hashem Shalash confirmed to HashtagSyria that there’s no death cases yet, while there is a kid in intense care in AlRazi Hospital and a woman in University Hospital, while the injuries between moderate to severe.

Shalash declared also that in case of renewed targeting citizens: head to areas far away from shrapnel. In case of injury, get rid of clothes because they might transmit the injury.

Armed factions around Aleppo has targeted the civilians in Alniel Street, Alkhaldiah, the local market and Alshahbaa neighborhood with a number of missile shells loading with toxic materials.