Damascus reopens the Prophet Abel shrine for pilgrims and tourists

تم النشر في: 2019-01-07 20:22:37

The Shrine of the Prophet Abel, or so-called "Magharet Al-Dam", was reopened which located on Qassion mountain, where his brother Abel was killed and buried, after has been shut down for long time due to the war.

It is visited by about 300 pilgrims and tourists daily, with a total of 1.5 thousand visitors per day, especially on Fridays and holidays.

Mohammed Mukhllef Mohammad  told Novosti agency that the site needs rehabilitation, especially the ladder, as well as it needs to be supplied with the electricity, referring that the number of visitors has increased significantly after the war, which gives joy and pleasure in the hearts of believers And on-site operators.

It is noteworthy that the shrine of the Prophet Abel was built during the late sixteenth century, 50 km away from the Umayyad center, it includes a seven-meter-long shrine in a mosque on a hill in Qassion overlooking the villages and towns of Barada valley in one of the most beautiful Damascus .countryside